CCE0000501 (2)_jpgIn order to attain greater proficiency in the art of dance, frequency as well as intensity of study is necessary. As students become more advanced, it is imperative that they attend class more than once weekly if they are to progress. We strongly recommend that students above Level I attend at least twice weekly. The importance of regular attendance cannot be overemphasized. Absences and tardiness impede the individual student’s progress as well as affecting the class as a whole. The school cannot jeopardize its responsibility to the rest of the class for one student. Students with excessive absences should make arrangements to attend make-up classes or schedule private lessons in order to catch up. Awards will be given at the recital for perfect attendance. CLASSES CANNOT BE MADE UP FOR THIS AWARD. STUDENTS MUST ATTEND ALL REGULARLY SCHEDULED CLASSES TO RECEIVE PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS. Students who have been at the Academy of Dance Arts for three, five and ten years of consecutive study will also receive awards.

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