Guide to Placement

Guide to Placement

These are very broad guidelines.  Actual placement of the student is based on faculty evaluation.

Pre Ballet, Pre Tap, Pre Jazz         3-5 year olds

Beginning Ballet, Beginning Jazz, Beginning Tap    6 – 9 year olds

Ballet I, Jazz I, Tap I, Lyrical I         7-13 year olds with some previous training

Hip Hop 7-11                      7-11 year olds, no previous training required

Hip Hop 12 & up                ages 12 and up, no previous training required

Tumbling                             ages 6 and up, no previous training required

Ballet IIA, IIB, Lyrical II, Tap II, Jazz IIA, IIB              7-18 year olds, minimum 2 years previous training

Ballet III, Jazz III, Lyrical III, Tap III     ages 10 and up, minimum 4 years previous training

Ballet IV, Jazz IV, Lyrical IV            ages  12 and up, minimum  5 years previous training

Pointe I & II   ages 10 and up, minimum 4 years previous ballet training, teacher recommendation

Pas de Deux  ages 12 and up, minimum two years of pointe

Company Technique and rehearsals  – members of Academy of Dance Arts Performing and Competing Company

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