Wendi Wimmer

wendiWendi Wimmer is the Fine Arts, Film and Theatre teacher at Ridgeview High School.  Ms. Wimmer has over 25 years of  professional performing experience, including Broadway Musicals, National and International Touring Companies, as well as national and regional commercials, instructional videos, and voiceovers for national companies and universities.  She was a regular on the television series Breaking Away, appeared in soap operas Ryan’s Hope, Search for Tomorrow, and Guiding Light, movies Sharkey’s Machine, Six Pack and Sleeping With the Enemy.  She has been teaching, directing and choreographing in the public school system and regional theatres for 18 years,  and enjoys giving back to students what she has learned through hard work, discipline, dedication and professional perseverance.  She is currently on a State Education writing team developing the State Standards for Media Arts in Public Education.  She is also part of the team that received the Kennedy Center Creative Ticket Award for which she produced and edited the award winning video.