Studio Update

I hope everyone is well during this strange and trying time.    I wish I had more answers for everyone, but as much as we want to be dancing, the safety of our dance families and the ADA staff is my paramount concern.
At this point, I do NOT feel safe returning to regular classes or rehearsals.     One of our problems is obtaining adequate sanitizer and paper products.  We’re working on it.   There is a barrier between Brewer Decorating and the studio now.
I am hopeful that if we get to a better spot, we can resume classes, perhaps on a smaller scale, and perhaps a fall recital, but honestly, I really don’t know yet.
Many kids together, breathing hard, when people can be asymptomatic for days, shedding virus, and we have minimal testing in our state, could be a recipe for disaster.  I know everyone wants to dance.  We want to teach, but not at the expense of anyone’s health.   
I will keep you updated.  We miss you.
Be safe!