Recital 2018

Recital 2018

Dear Dancers and Parents,
This is your information packet for Recital and Dress Rehearsal. Please read it carefully,
and hang on to it. There will be five recitals this year; one on Saturday, May 19 at 7:00
pm, and four on Sunday, May 20. The Sunday recitals will be at 1:00, 3:00, 4:30 and
6:00. All DRESS REHEARSALS ARE ON SATURDAY, May 19th at Ridgeview
High School.(no classes at studio that day) If your child(ren) is/are in more than one
recital, when you receive tickets, you will be given a ticket for each recital that they are
in.(Your recital fee entitles you to 6 tickets for each recital your dancer is in.) Additional
tickets this year will be $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under. They may
be purchased at the studio, and at the door. Dress rehearsal and all performances will be
held at Ridgeview High School. If you do not need all of your tickets, it is greatly
appreciated if you turn in what you will not use as seating is limited at Ridgeview. You
must pay your $40 recital fee in order to receive tickets.
Please arrive for Dress Rehearsal at least fifteen minutes prior to your rehearsal time. If
you are late, we cannot wait for you, and your child will miss their rehearsal!!! Please
arrive with hair and make-up done, in costume. If your child is in more than one number,
please check and double check that your dancer has all pieces of their costume,
including appropriate tights, shoes, headdresses, accessories, etc!!! Please have your
child’s name on their dance bag, whether written or pinned on. Have their names on
their shoes and costume pieces as well. We will NOT be running company numbers or
solos during dress rehearsal. Have your costumes there in case Ms. Wimmer needs to see
one for lighting, but be in your class costumes for dress rehearsal, not company costumes.
All dancers should wear stage make-up. For Ladies – bright red lipstick, black mascara &
liner, brown or gray eye shadow. Blush should be earth to red tones, no pink – it doesn't
show on stage. Gentlemen, it's a good idea to use some bronzing powder so you don't
fade out under the lights. Also some brown pencil to define eyes & lips, no pinks or reds
for gentlemen. All Ladies, hair in slick unparted medium height buns, as many hairpins
and bobby pins as it takes. You must use hair-nets. Lots of spray & gel. No wispies!!
Ballet dancers should have clean, pink, non-shiny tights and shoes(except for
gentleman)Ladies' hair must be up in slick buns – no bangs, or braids!! Pre Ballet, and
Pre Tap students wear pink tights. If you have a quick change that involves different
color tights, for example tan to pink(jazz to ballet)or vice versa, underdress. Wear the
second pair of tights underneath the first. There are a LOT of quick changes this year.
No jewelry for recital. Leave it home, if you wear it, you will be made to take it off!
NO nail polish!
Parents are not allowed backstage. We will have a number of qualified adults, in addition
to the faculty to assist students with costume changes. Stay in the audience and enjoy
your child’s performance. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to recital. If for some reason
the previous recital is still going on, you must wait in the lobby until the current recital is
over, and those students are dismissed to check in.

Saturday May 19th

Dress Rehearsal schedule for Saturday, May 19 th 7:00 recital

9:00am Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Wed. Pointe II)
Victoria Jackson solo
9:05am Children Will Listen (Friday Pointe I)
I’m A Lady (Lauren, Tatiyana duet)
9:10am I Could Have Danced All Night (Tues. Pointe II )Maddie & MW 3 to Tap III
Carl Goes Up – Lily solo
Tightrope – Mari solo
Selena Nelson solo
9:20am Tap III
9:30am Jazz IV
Arms, (Mona & Savannah G. 5 to Tap II)
9:35 Jazz III, 2 to Lyrical II
9:40 Brant Miller solo
What A Beautiful Name, Emma Linfert solo
9:43 Lyrical III
9:50 Tap II
9:57 Lyrical IV
10:00 Big Ballet, Back to Broadway, Ballet IIA, IIB, III & IV(hopefully finished by or
before 12:30)
End of Dress Rehearsal for Saturday, 7:00 Recital

Saturday May 19

Dress Rehearsal Schedule for Sunday 1:00 Recital

Maybe I Don’t Know, Allison 2 to Maps
Let It Go, Lily, Ava 3 to Tuesday Ballet I
1:00 Tuesday, Jazz IIB, Harper 4 to Hot Foot
Maps, Allison 2 to Musical Theater – Roxanne
When I Get My Name in Lights – Tatiyana solo, 2 to Hot Foot
1:10 In My Own Little Corner, Tuesday Ballet I
1:15 Musical Theater, Roxanne
Heaven I Know
Evil Like Me, Mona 2 to Lyrical IIA
1:25 Tuesday Jazz I, Kaitlyn, Keira, Mari, Lily, Paden, Campbell 4 to Lyrical I
Aurora Variation, Blythe Davis 2 to Hip Hop 12 & Up
1:35 Lyrical IIA, 3 to Jazz IIA
You’re Gonna Be OK, Katie Linfert solo
1:45 Hip Hop 12 & Up
1:50 Tuesday Lyrical I
2:00 Wednesday Jazz IIA
End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 1:00 Recital

Saturday May 19

Dress Rehearsal Schedule for Sunday 3:00 Recital

Back To Me Now, Mari 3 to Hip Hop 6-11, Allison 4 to solo, Emma & Katie 5 to tap trio
2:10 Friday Lyrical I
The Scientist, Lauren Bloss solo
2:15 Beginning Tap
2:20 Hip Hop 6-11
Have Mercy, Allison Wallace solo
A Quarter, A Nickel & A Dime, tap trio
Feel It Still, Eva 4 to Total Eclipse, Kayla D. 3 to solo
2:30 Friday Ballet I, Lily, Selah 4 to Tap I
Maddie Sellers solo, 4 to Quiver A Little
2:35 Saturday Beginning Ballet
Land of All, Kayla Dodds solo, 2 to Quiver A Little
Total Eclipse of the Heart
2:40 Tuesday Tap I
Quiver A Little
End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 3:00 Recital

Saturday May 19

Dress Rehearsal Schedule for Sunday 4:30 Recital

Friend Like Me, 5 to Down to the River
2:45 Saturday Pre Ballet
2:55 Thursday Beginning Jazz
Bayadere, Mary Wyatt solo
Dance Like Yo Daddy
Kaelee Christian solo
Down To The River To Pray
Put A Lid On It
3:00 Musical Theater – Cheetah Girls, 5 to Annabel
3:10 Wednesday Jazz I, Lily 4 to Annabel
3:15 Thursday Beginning Ballet
Human, Taylor Barnes solo
3:25 Saturday Pre Tap
Particles, Ishi Daquoiag solo
End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 4:30 Recital

Saturday May 19,

Dress Rehearsal for Sunday, May 20 6:00 Recital

Vanity Fair, Finley 1 to Beginning Jazz, Harper 2 to Lyrical IIB, Victoria Cotton, 3 to
3:35 Monday Pre Ballet, London Black 4 to Pre Jazz
3:40 Friday Beginning Jazz, Finley 2 to trio
3:45 Wednesday Lyrical IIB, Harper 1 to Never Gonna Let You Down
Silhouette, Victoria Cotton solo
Never Gonna Let You Down, Johnson sisters’ trio
3:55 Monday Pre Jazz
LA Love
4:05 Tumbling I, Katie & Emma Linfert 4 to Jazz IIB
4:10 Tumbling II, Harper 3 to Jazz IIB, Allison & MW 4 to Waves
Madisen solo
4:20 Monday Pre Hip Hop
To Peggy From God
4:25 Wednesday Jazz IIB
End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 6:00 Recital