Extra Rehearsals for Big Ballet

Extra Rehearsals for Big Ballet

(Ballet IIA, IIB, III & IV)

Saturdays May 3 & 10 from 12-2 at the studio, with a possibility of the 17th if we’re not brilliant!  You MUST attend one(preferably both) of these rehearsals if you wish to be in the Opening and Finale. If you do not, you will still perform your class dance, but will NOT be in the Opening or Finale.

Summer Schedule 2014 without Teachers

*Note: You may download a PDF of the schedule here.

Academy of Dance Arts

Summer 2014 Schedule

Classes are Monday, June 16th  through Thursday, August 7th

Eight weeks of classes in all.



4:00-4:45       Basic Tap                                            4:00-4:30 Pre-Tap

4:45-5:30       Intermediate/Advanced Tap                        4:35-5:05  Pre-Ballet

5:30-6:15        Intermediate/Advanced Jazz                      5:15-6:00  Basic Ballet

6:15-7:00        Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical       6:15-7:00  Basic Jazz

7:00-7:45       Hip Hop 12&up                                   7:00-7:45  Basic Lyrical



4:00-5:00       Advanced Ballet                                4:15-5:00     Basic Lyrical

5:15-6:00        Pointe II                                             5:00-6:00    Co. Technique(Petites,Minis)

6:00-7:00       Intermediate Ballet                           6:00-6:45     Basic Jazz

7:00-7:45       Musical Theater/Stagecraft, Acting for Dancers­



4:30-5:15        Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical

5:15-6:00        Intermediate/Advanced Jazz

6:00-7:00       Co. Technique(Jrs., Teens, Srs.)



4:00-5:00       Intermediate Ballet                                      4:00-5:00       Advanced Ballet

5:00-5:30       Mommy & Me            (ages 18 mos.-3 yrs)              5:15-5:45        Pointe I

5:30-6:00       Pre-Jazz                                                         5:45-6:30       Basic Ballet

6:05-6:35       Pre-Ballet                                                       6:30-7:15        Basic Jazz

6:45-7:30       Tumbling                                                        7:15-8:00        Hip Hop 7-11


Classes may be changed, added, or deleted as necessary. 

A class must have a minimum of five students or it will be cancelled.


Summer Tuition for all Eight weeks:

Registration $15

30 minute class $100

45 minute class $120

60 minute class $140

Unlimited classes $500

*Dancers in Competing Company or who wish to be considered for Competing Company MUST take one ballet, one jazz, and an age appropriate Co.Technique class.*

Schedule Change – Please Read

We are cancelling Thursday Beginning Tap due to low enrollment.  If we re-institute the class, it will be at 4:00 on Thursday.  Thursday Jazz I will now begin at 6:30, rather than 7:00, and run until 7:15.

You can download the new schedule here.

Carnival of the Animals

If you would like to download a full list of cast members you can do that by clicking this link.

Parents of cast members if you have not already provided an email address please do so as soon as possible.