Road construction woes

Road construction woes

You may have noticed the DOT is currently experimenting with Bugs Bunny’s notion of digging through to China via the very large hole now occupying the south bound lane of Hardscrabble Road.  So if you are a) travelling south on Hardscrabble or b) turning right off Clemson Road onto Hardscrabble Road and c) do not possess a flying car (and if you do i need to be picked up at 7 and is there an in flight meal?) you will have to get creative to get to the dance studio until the 27th (if you believe the sign they put up….myself Im planning on a filled in hole by Christmas).  If you think this is fun just wait until the full blown road widening project gets started….

Shrek Auditions – Saturday, September 23 @12:15pm – 2:00pm

Do you have layers like an onion?  Then you might be perfect as our Shrek.  Perhaps you fancy yourself as an animated cookie….good news…we need that too.  

Shrek auditions, Saturday, September 23.  Ages 3 – 11   12:30 – 1:15 pm,  Ages 12 and up, 12:15 – 2:00 pm.    Performances the weekend of February 16-18, 2018.   If cast, a $45 production fee will be due.

ACAD Dancers awarded $9,000 in scholarships!

During the recent competition Academy of Dance Arts dancers were awarded nearly $9,000 in scholarships.  The other highlights include:

  • highest scoring Mini, Petite, and Senior Soloists
  • The Pre-Teen group (5 girls pictured with large trophy) received the highest score for the entire 12 & under age division
  • The entire company (other photo) was awarded scholarships to an invitation only based Summer Program in NYC.  Total scholarships awarded to ADA dancers was $9,000!

Meet our newest faculty member Marles Badillo!

Marles Badillo
Marles Badillo

 Marles Badillo is an ADA alumna, and former member of the ADA Competing Company.  She earned her degree in Early  Childhood Education from USC, and is a kindergarten teacher in Richland Two.  We are thrilled to have our former long time  student return as a faculty member.  Her love for children, and long dance experience make her a valued addition to the ADA  staff.