Second and last company audition June 24th & June 25th

We will be holding a second (and last audition) for competing company on Tuesday, June 24th from 7:00-7:30 (ages 5-10) and Wednesday, June 25th from 7:00-7:45 (ages 11-18).  Please mark your calendars accordingly and make every effort to be there if you wish to participate in company next season.
Mr. Jeff will be holding extra recital rehearsals on Monday, May 26.
5:30 – 6:00   Lyrical I
6:00 – 6:45   Tap I
6:45 - 7:30   Tap II, III

Unbound Dance Company Summer Dance Intensive!

See the attached flyer for more information!

Unbound Dance Company Summer Dance Intensive


July 18th-20th

Tuition is $360


9-12 mini room

 13 and up senior room


Friday- 5pm-9pm

Saturday- 9am-7pm

Sunday- 9am-7pm

Registration begins May 15th

$ 10 registration fee until June 15th.

$20 dollar registration fee

after June 15th.

To register call 803-736-8141

Dance Recital Schedule for 2014

Recital 2014

Dear Dancers and Parents,
This is your information packet for Recital and Dress Rehearsal. Please read it carefully, and hang on to it. There will be five recitals this year; one on Saturday, May 31 at 7:00 pm, and four on Sunday, June 1. The Sunday recitals will be at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and 6:30. All DRESS REHEARSALS ARE ON SATURDAY, May 31. If your child(ren) is/are in more than one recital, when you receive tickets, you will be given a ticket for each recital that they are in.(Your recital fee entitles you to 6 tickets for each recital your dancer is in.) Additional tickets this year will be $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under. They may be purchased at the studio, and at the door. Dress rehearsal and all performances will be held at Ridgeview High School.

Please arrive for Dress Rehearsal at least fifteen minutes prior to your rehearsal time. If you are late, we cannot wait for you, and your child will miss their rehearsal!!! Please arrive with hair and make-up done, in costume. If your child is in more than one number, please check and double check that your dancer has all pieces of their costume, including appropriate tights, shoes, headdresses, accessories, etc!!!

All dancers should wear stage make-up. For Ladies – bright red lipstick, black mascara & liner, brown or gray eye shadow. Blush should be earth to red tones, no pink – it doesn’t show on stage. Gentlemen, it’s a good idea to use some bronzing powder so you don’t fade out under the lights. Also some brown pencil to define eyes & lips, no pinks or reds for gentlemen. Ladies, as many hairpins and bobby pins as it takes. You must use hair-nets. Lots of spray & gel. No wispies!!

It’s very important that all dancers be quiet backstage. You don’t want anyone making noise while you dance. Extend the same courtesy to your fellow dancers, please.
Ballet dancers should have clean, pink, non-shiny tights and shoes(except for gentleman)Ladies’ hair must be up in slick buns – no bangs, or braids!!
Pre Ballet, Pre Jazz and Pre Tap students wear pink tights.

No jewelry for recital. Leave it home, if you wear it, you will be made to take it off!
Parents are not allowed backstage. We will have a number of qualified adults, in addition to the faculty to assist students with costume changes.

Please arrive for performances at least thirty minutes prior to performance time.

Dress Rehearsal Schedule Saturday, May 31
There are five recitals. All dress rehearsals will be held on Saturday at Ridgeview High School. No classes at the studio that day.

Dress Rehearsal schedule for Saturday 7:00 recital
9:00 Pointe II
I Look To You, Allison Wallace(will not run)
9:05 Wednesday Pointe I
9:10 Pas de Deux(Marina 1 to solo, Owen 3 to solo)
9:20 Monday Pointe I
Seventeen, Marina Sebire(will not run, 3 to Manifeste)
9:25 Hip Hop 12 & Up(Madison fast change to Lyrical)
Retrograde, Owen Phillips(will not run, 1 to Manifeste)
9:35 Wednesday Lyrical III
Manifeste(will not run)

9:45 Widows(Victoria will have Beat to change, Rachael and Bekah two to Tap)
Beat(will not run)
Warrior, Victoria Jackson(will not run)
9:55 Tap II, III(Bekah, Rachael, Maddie will have Boyer solo to change)
Gasoline Rainbows, Madyson Boyer(will not run)
10:05 Monday Lyrical III
Short Pause(to catch breath)
10:10 Monday Jazz III

10:15 Thursday Jazz IV(Rachael 1 to Jazz IIB)
Julia Miller solo(will not run)
Saturday Night Recital Rehearsal Schedule continued
10:20 Tuesday Jazz IIB
Short Pause(for breath)
10:25 Wednesday Jazz III(Rachael 1 to Lyrical IV)
21rst Century Girl, Daionna Smith(will not run)
10:30 Thursday Lyrical IV

10:45 Big Ballet, Ballet IIA, IIB, III & IV
End of Dress Rehearsal for Saturday 7:00 Recital
12:00 LUNCH!

Sunday 1:30 Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule
(this rehearsal is on Saturday, May 31)
12:30 Janet, (Lindsay, Daionna 2 to Wed.Ballet I, 6 to Awakening)
12:35 Wednesday Pre Ballet
12:45 Hip Hop 7-11(Adelaide, 5 to Monday Beginning Jazz)
12:50 Wednesday Ballet I
1:00 Saturday Pre Tap
1:05 Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend(Julia M. Bekah, Rachael R., Amelia E.)
Medicine, Lisa Qu(will not run)
1:10 Awakening
1:15 Monday Beginning Jazz

1:20 Tumbling(Daionna 3 to Imagine)
1:30 Saturday Pre Ballet
1:40 Monday Beginning Ballet
1:45 Wednesday Pre Jazz
Imagine(will not run)
End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 1:30 recital

Sunday 3:30 Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule
(this rehearsal is on Saturday May 31)
2:00 Gimme Gimme
2:05 Tuesday Jazz IIA(Daionna 2 to Wednesday Lyrical I)
2:15 Tuesday Jazz I
Landline(will not run)
2:25 Wednesday Lyrical I

2:35 Tuesday Ballet I(Emma, Katie 4 to change for Tap I)
2:45 Thursday Jazz I
Tragedy(will not run)
Falling, Lexi(will not run)
River Flows(will not run)
2:55 Tap I
End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 3:30 show

Sunday 5:30 Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule
(this rehearsal is on Saturday, May 31)
3:00 Video Killed The Radio Star
3:05 Monday Pre Ballet(4 to change shoes for jazz)
Titanium, Maddie Sellers(will not run)
3:15 Musical Theater(Victoria, 3 to Vibeology)
3:25 Tuesday Lyrical II
Ghosts, Rachael Risinger(will not run)
3:30 Monday Pre Jazz
Vibeology(will not run)
End of Sunday 5:30 Recital Dress Rehearsal

Sunday 6:30 Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule
(this rehearsal is on Saturday, May 31)
Janet(will not run, Daionna 2 to Thursday Lyrical, Victoria, Rachael, Lexi 3 to Can Can, Lauren, Kennedy 4 to Saturday Ballet I, Emma 6 to Beginning Jazz)
3:40 Friday Beginning Ballet(Mona, Hope and Abigail)5 to Beginning Jazz
3:50 Friday Pre Ballet(3 to change shoes to tap)
4:00 Thursday Lyrical I
4:05 Excerpt from Oklahoma(Lilia, Katie, Victoria, Rachael, Lexi, Katherine Carmen, 3 to Heart of Stone for Lexi, Vicky, Rachael)
4:15 Saturday Ballet I
Oh No!, Lily Yang(will not run)
4:25 Friday Pre Tap
4:30 Friday Beginning Jazz
Heart of Stone(will not run)
End of Sunday 6:30 Recital Dress Rehearsal, this rehearsal is on Saturday, May 31