Summer Schedule 2015

Summer Schedule 2015

Academy of Dance Arts

Summer 2015 Schedule (PDF version HERE)

Classes are Monday, June 15th  through Thursday, August 6th

Eight weeks of classes in all.


4:00-4:45       Intermediate/Advanced Tap                        4:00-4:45 Basic Ballet

4:45-5:30       Basic Tap                                                           4:45-5:45  Intermediate Ballet

5:30-6:15        Basic Jazz                                                          6:00-6:30 Pointe I

6:15-7:00        Basic Lyrical                                                      6:30-7:15  Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical

7:15-8:00  Intermediate/Advanced Jazz



4:00-5:00       Advanced Ballet

5:15-6:00        Pointe II

6:00-7:00       Intermediate Ballet

7:00-7:45`     Basic Ballet



3:20-3:50        Pre-Ballet

3:55-4:25        Pre-Jazz

4:30-5:15        Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical

5:15-6:00        Intermediate/Advanced Jazz

6:00-6:45       Basic Jazz

6:45-7:30       Basic Lyrical





5:30-6:00       Mommy & Me            (ages 18 mos.-3 yrs)  4:45-5:30         Musical Theater

6:00-6:30       Pre-Jazz                                             5:30-6:15        Hip Hop 7-11

6:35-7:05        Pre-Ballet                                           6:15-7:00        Hip Hop 12 & up

7:10-7:50        Tumbling


                        Classes may be changed, added, or deleted as necessary.

A class must have a minimum of five students or it will be cancelled.

Summer Tuition for all Eight weeks:

Registration $15

30 minute class $100

45 minute class $120

60 minute class $140

Unlimited classes $500

Big Ballet Rehersals

Dear Dancers in Ballet IIA, IIB, III & IV,

We will have several extra rehearsals for the sections of recital that you do all together. You MUST attend at least one of these rehearsals, preferable more than one if you wish to be in the opening and finale. If you do not attend, you will perform your class dance, but will NOT be in the opening and finale.

We have almost fifty dancers in the Big Ballet this year, recital is earlier, so we have less time to prepare.

Here is a schedule of the extra rehearsals:

  • Saturday, March 21 1:30 – 3:30
  • Saturday April 11 1:30 – 3:30
  • Friday April 24 6:30­8:00
  • Friday May 1, Saturday May 2, Friday May 8 if necessary

Rehearsals are at the studio unless otherwise posted.

Recital Date Changes – PLEASE READ

Due to circumstances beyond our control(early renovation of theater) Recital will be May 9th and 10th rather than May 30th & 31st

Maleficent Rehearsal Schedule for December 13th, 2014

December 13th

1:30-2:30- butterflies, birds, pixies, fireflies, trees, young maleficent, stephan, soldiers
(Welcome to the Moor, Stealing Stephan, Growing Love, Sad Dance, battle 1)

2:30-3:00- Soldiers, Older Maleficent, crow
(Battle 2 review)

3:00-4:00- Leila, Stephan, Ladies of the Court, 3 fairies, Jester, Older Maleficent, Crow, Soldiers
(Leila and Stephan pas de duex, The Christening, The curse)

4:00-4:45- 3 fairies and young Aurora
(We Lost Aurora, solos)

4:45-5:30- Older Aurora, Older Maleficent, Crow
(Older Aurora solo, Maleficent solo, You Could Stay Here, Waking Up Trio)

Maleficent Schedule for the Weekend of December 6th 2014

Maleficent Schedule for the Weekend of December 6th 2014

Here is this weekends schedule.  I will send the rest of December later this week.

December 6th

Small studio with Emma

1-1:45- fireflies
1:45-2:30 – pixies
2:30-3:15 – butterflies
3:15-4:00- birds (company members involved in holiday market are excused from this rehearsal)
4:00-5:45 – Ladies of the Court

Large studio with Susan

1:30-2:15- Young Maleficent and Stephan (growing love)


Small studio with Emma
1-1:45- 3 Fairies and Young Aurora
1:45-2:30- Kaelee
2:30-3:15 – Blythe
3:15-4:00- Daionna
4:00-4:45- Allison

Large studio with Susan
1-1:45- Young Maleficent and Stephan (wing chop)
1:45-2:30- Leila and Stephan
2:30-3:30-Older Aurora and Older Maleficent (you could stay here scene)

Columbia Holiday Market 2014 Schedule

Columbia Holiday Market 2014 Schedule

Wow!!!! We are 2 weeks away from market. The Junior League of Columbia is very excited for market and we can’t wait for your groups to perform. Just a few housekeeping items:

  1. The sound system will accommodate CD or MP3 player
  2. We will have a piano there
  3. The stage size is 16 x 16
  4. Please send me your address so I can mail the bus parking passes – Also – let me know how many buses you are bringing in
  5. The parents will have complimentary tickets into the market – please send me a list of the performers so I can leave those with tickets. Parents will just need to give their child’s name upon entry

I have attached the Columbia Holiday Market 2015 Schedule for Performers. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will mail parking passes as soon as I have your address. I will not be able to leave them at the gate for the buses. Buses will need to enter Gate 1. They will need to drop the children off near the door of the cantey building and then move the bus towards the back of the lot. The driver will need to stay with the bus at all times.

The parking for other vehicles is $2 per vehicle. They will enter the other gate with the main parking.

Chryssie Whitehead now available for private lessons/choreography

Chryssie Whitehead now available for private lessons/choreography

Chryssie WhiteheadChryssie Whitehead now available for private lessons/choreography from now until Thanksgiving 2014. If you are interested please visit Chryssie’s contact page and sign up!

Time is running out to get your ACAD SWAG on!

Time is running out to get your ACAD SWAG on!

If you havent ordered any apparel from us yet time is running out!  Please stop by the studio to browse the items we have and pick up an order form.  You can always order online by going here.

Maleficent Rehearsals

Maleficent Rehearsals

Hello everyone!  I apologize that this email has taken me so long to get to everyone.  The following MALEFICENT schedule is for the remainder of October.

Saturday October 11th
12-1- Birds

Saturday October 18th
11-12:30 Pixies AND Birds

Saturday October 25th
11-12-Pixies AND Birds

12-1- Ladies of the Court

1:30-2:30- Soldiers