Recital Schedule May 2016

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Dear Dancers and Parents,

This is your information packet for Recital and Dress Rehearsal. Please read it carefully,

and hang on to it. There will be five recitals this year; one on Saturday, May 21 at 7:00

pm, and four on Sunday, May 22. The Sunday recitals will be at 2:00, 3:00, 5:00 and

6:30. All DRESS REHEARSALS ARE ON SATURDAY, May 21 at Ridgeview High

School.(no classes at studio that day) If your child(ren) is/are in more than one recital,

when you receive tickets, you will be given a ticket for each recital that they are in.(Your

recital fee entitles you to 6 tickets for each recital your dancer is in.) Additional tickets

this year will be $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under. They may be

purchased at the studio, and at the door. Dress rehearsal and all performances will be held

at Ridgeview High School. If you do not need all of your tickets, it is greatly appreciated

if you turn in what you will not use as seating is limited at Ridgeview. You must pay

your $35 recital fee in order to receive tickets.

Please arrive for Dress Rehearsal at least fifteen minutes prior to your rehearsal time. If

you are late, we cannot wait for you, and your child will miss their rehearsal!!! Please

arrive with hair and make-up done, in costume. If your child is in more than one number,

please check and double check that your dancer has all pieces of their costume,

including appropriate tights, shoes, headdresses, accessories, etc!!! Please have your

child’s name on their dance bag, whether written or pinned on. Have their names on

their shoes and costume pieces as well.

All dancers should wear stage make-up. For Ladies – bright red lipstick, black mascara &

liner, brown or gray eye shadow. Blush should be earth to red tones, no pink – it doesn't

show on stage. Gentlemen, it's a good idea to use some bronzing powder so you don't

fade out under the lights. Also some brown pencil to define eyes & lips, no pinks or reds

for gentlemen. All Ladies, hair in slick unparted medium height buns, as many hairpins

and bobby pins as it takes. You must use hair-nets. Lots of spray & gel. No wispies!!

Ballet dancers should have clean, pink, non-shiny tights and shoes(except for

gentleman)Ladies' hair must be up in slick buns – no bangs, or braids!! Pre Ballet, and

Pre Tap students wear pink tights. If you have a quick change that involves different

color tights, for example tan to pink(jazz to ballet)or vice versa, underdress. Wear the

second pair of tights underneath the first. There are a LOT of quick changes this year.

No jewelry for recital. Leave it home, if you wear it, you will be made to take it off!

NO nailpolish!

Parents are not allowed backstage. We will have a number of qualified adults, in addition

to the faculty to assist students with costume changes. Stay in the audience and enjoy

your child’s performance. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to recital. If for some reason

the previous recital is still going on, you must wait in the lobby until the current recital is

over, and those students are dismissed to check in.

Saturday May 21 Dress Rehearsal schedule

for Sunday 2:00 recital

My Sister’s Rehearsal, Johnson duet(not running in dress rehearsal)

9:00 Friday Ballet I – those in jazz, quickly change. In performance will have

approximately 10 minutes to change, wear tan tights under pink tights

Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here(3 to This Is Living, not running in dress rehearsal)

Maddie Sellers, pointe(not running in dress rehearsal)

Kaelee Christian(not running in dress rehearsal)

Ti’Ara(not running in dress rehearsal)

This Is Living(not running in dress rehearsal)

9:15 Friday Jazz I(Mona, Malinda, Lauren, Savannah Cotton change quickly to Tap for

next rehearsal)

End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 2:00 Recital

Saturday May 21 Dress Rehearsal Schedule

for Sunday 3:00 Recital

Venus(not running in dress rehearsal)

9:25 Tap I & II(Allison, 1 to assist Pre Hip Hop, Jaden, Lauren 2 numbers to Jazz II)

Gracen(not running in dress rehearsal)

9:40 Monday Pre Hip Hop

9:50 Monday Jazz II(Taylor H.H., MW, Kayla D. change quickly to Tap III. In show,

will have Intermission)


10:00 Tap III(Ashley G., Brant 2 to Hip Hop, Blythe 3 to Grown Woman)

Allison Wallace(not running in dress rehearsal)

Selena(not running in dress rehearsal)

10:10 Hip Hop 6-11

Grown Woman(not running in dress rehearsal, 2 to Ms. Lois Tribute)

Ishi(not running in dress rehearsal)

Marion(not running in dress rehearsal)

10:20 Tribute to Ms.Lois

End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 3:00 Recital

Saturday May 21 Dress Rehearsal Schedule

for Sunday 5:00 Recital

10:30 Hip Hop 12 and up(Blythe 2 to solo, Bianca 3 to Jazz II)

Maddie Sellers Lyrical(not running in dress rehearsal)

10:40 Wednesday Pre Ballet(Fin 2 to Beginning Ballet)

Blythe(not running in dress rehearsal)

10:50 Thursday Jazz II

10:55 Friday Beginning Ballet


Gloomy Sunday(not running in dress rehearsal)

11:05 Wednesday Pre Jazz(Fin 1 to Beginning Jazz)

They Weren’t There(not running in dress rehearsal)

11:15 Friday Beginning Jazz

Elephants(not running in dress rehearsal)

End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 5:00 Recital

Saturday May 21

Dress Rehearsal Schedule for Sunday 6:30 Recital

11:30 Pride(Mona 2 to Thursday Jazz I, Lauren, Katie, Emma 3 to Lyrical II, Fin 4 to

Tap, Blythe, Victoria 5 to Musical Theater)We will run Pride

11:35 Mommy and Me

11:45 Saturday Pre Tap

11:55 Thursday Jazz I(Rachel Kennedy 2 to Musical Theater)

12:00 Thursday Lyrical II

12:10 Tuesday Beginning Tap

12:20 Musical Theater


Drop(not running in dress rehearsal)

12:35 Tuesday Beginning Jazz(Freda 3 to Saturday Beginning Ballet)

12:45 Thursday Lyrical I

12:55 Saturday Pre Ballet

Lauren Bloss(not running in rehearsal)

1:05 Saturday Beginning Ballet

O Magnum Mysterium(not running in dress rehearsal)

End of Dress Rehearsal for Sunday 6:30 Recital

Saturday May 21

Dress Rehearsal for Saturday, May 21 7:00 Recital

1:45 Thursday Pointe II, Shall We Dance?

Jamie Gasque(not running in dress rehearsal)

1:55 Pointe I, I Won’t Dance

Victoria Jackson(not running in dress rehearsal)

2:05 Chiquita Mamas

Ty Rise Up(not running in dress rehearsal)Sr. Recognition

2:10 Pointe III, Cygnets


2:15 Tumbling I & II(Blythe, Ivy, Kaelee, Allison, MW 1 to Lyrical III)

2:25 Kendall Allen, Sr. Recognition(4 to Lyrical IV)

2:30 Wednesday, Lyrical III, Carson 2 to solo

2:35 Tuesday Ballet I(Linferts 4 to trio)

2:45 Wednesday Contemporary(Kaelee, Allison 2 to duet)

2:53 Carson Quattlebaum(3 to Jazz)

2:55 Lyrical IV(3 to Jazz costume)

Kaelee and Allison duet(not running in dress rehearsal, 1 to Jazz III)

Bloss, Linfert trio(not running in dress rehearsal)

3:05 Wednesday Jazz III(MW 2 to solo)

Mona(not running in dress rehearsal)

3:10 Tuesday Jazz III

Mary Wyatt solo(not running in dress rehearsal)

3:15 Thursday Jazz IV


3:30 Big Ballet, Ballet IIA, IIB, III & IV

Hopefully finished by 4:30, possibly earlier.

2016 Summer Schedule

Academy of Dance Arts

Summer 2016 Schedule (PDF Version)

Classes are Monday, June 13th  through Thursday, August 4th

Eight weeks of classes in all.



                                                                                    4:00-5:00 Intermediate Ballet

5:00-5:45       Basic Tap                                            5:15-5:45 Pointe I

5:45-6:30       Int./Adv. Tap                                     5:45-6:30  Basic Ballet

6:30-7:00       Mommy & Me

6:30-7:15        Intro to Self Defense


4:00-5:00       Advanced Ballet                                4:30-5:15 Basic Jazz

5:15-6:00        Pointe II                                             5:15-6:00  Basic Lyrical

6:00-7:00       Intermediate Ballet                           6:00-7:00  Int./Adv. Jazz

7:00-8:00        Company Technique

8:00-8:45       Int./Adv. Lyrical(B)


5:30-6:00       Pre-Hip Hop

6:00-6:30       Pre-Ballet                                           5:30-6:15        Hip Hop 7-11

6:35-7:05        Pre-Tap                                               6:15-7:00        Hip Hop 12 & up

7:10-7:50        Tumbling


4:30-5:15        Int./Adv.  Lyrical

5:15-6:15         Int./Adv. Jazz                                                6:15-7:00        Musical Theater(W)

6:15-7:00        Basic Jazz

7:00-7:45       Basic Lyrical


Classes may be changed, added, or deleted as necessary.

A class must have a minimum of five students or it will be cancelled.


Summer Tuition for all Eight weeks:

Registration $15

30 minute class $100

45 minute class $120

60 minute class $140

Unlimited classes $500

Discounts available for multiple classes

Peter Pan Pictures now available!

Photos from the Peter Pan production are now available.  Remember proceeds go directly to our dance company endeavors so please visit and share!

Attention: Classes cancelled for Friday evening January 22nd and Saturday morning January 23rd

Due to the weather conditions evening classes for Friday January 22nd and morning classes for Saturday January 23rd are cancelled.  We may hold company rehearsals Saturday afternoon but that will be determined tomorrow after we’ve been able to evaluate weather conditions.

Thank you for your understanding.  Stay safe and warm!

Important dates!

Parent Observation Week – December 7th – 12th, 2015

Thanksgiving Break (Studio Closed) – November 25th – 28th, 2015

Winter Break (Studio Closed) – December 21st – January 2nd, 2016

2016 Recital – May 20th – 22nd

Peter Pan Schedule

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for bearing with me this past weekend.  Thanks to those who were able to brave the rain/floods, and hopefully everyone else will get caught up next rehearsal.  We made great progress on the first Neverland scene!
It has been brought to my attention that some folks are seeing the dates/times differently within the rehearsal schedule I originally sent out.  I believe this is because people are viewing it on their phones, and the formatting is affected; since it was an attached Word document formatted into a table, this is creating glitches when you open it up on your phone to view, depending on your operating system, and dates/times may look off.
If everyone could please print out the schedule or view on a computer and refer to that (perhaps adding the dates/times into your phone’s calendar by hand) I think we’ll all be on the same page. Mary Ruth has printed and posted the schedule for the rest of Oct and Nov at the studio as well. I have attached it again for those who may no longer have that email.
Let me know if you have questions.  Thanks again, and remember:   Next weekend there is NO Peter Pan rehearsal due to the dance convention being held at the studio.
Have a great week!

Classes resume Monday October 12th, 2015

We WILL resume classes Monday, October 12th.(barring any further disasters)Please pray for everyone today as it rains again. If you have difficulty attending due to road conditions, school delays, etc.., please be aware that there is NO time limit on make up lessons.

Studio will remain closed for the remainder of the week. Saturday the competing company will have technique followed by rehearsal.

The studio will remain closed for the rest of the week for regular classes.

The competing company WILL have company technique Saturday morning, followed by rehearsal.

Peter Pan rehearsal WILL be held.

We will add one week of classes at the end of the year to make up for this week.

Thank you.

I hope everyone is recovering from this catastrophic event. I know some families have been affected more than others.
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Ms. Debra